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Spring Town Meeting Decision:
A or B...It's that Simple. The Decision is yours...

The Carver RDA has been open since the beginning on offering you all of the information available to make your best decision at the Spring 2022 Carver, MA Town Meeting.

This commercially zoned property (referred to as the "North Carver Project") has been underutilized for decades. This is our town's biggest opportunity in years to best build this area. This 240 acre parcel seen from Rte. 44 in Carver. This area has been previously slated for potential land fill use, housed a sewerage treatment plant and more. Currently, it is not being utilized or contributing to our tax base or economic improvement.

The Hillwood Developers purchased this land is looking to build warehouses which would be ideal for the town with minimal environmental impact and maximum tax benefits.


The article proposed would allow an update in Carver's By-Laws to allow for a 65 foot building height limit from 40 feet presently in this commercially-zoned Green District.

Please understand the developer has the rights under current town by-laws and agreements.


The reason for the increase request is to ensure the developer can attract a more desirable tenant who are looking to install more state-of-the-art features including solar panels and more which require the extra variance on the height to make this possible.

Either way, the developer will go ahead.



Accepting this By-Law Variance Article would allow the developer to go forward in attracting those better tenants and increase the tax base potential for the town.


Denying this By-Law Variance would greatly limit the possible chosen uses for this coveted land. The developer would move forward with possible 40B units, Retail, warehousing and more with minimal additional control from the town. 



The specifics will vary yet, the Tax Benefits for this one project will likely be over $1 million per year. This one specific by-law change in this commercial area only will greatly increase this tax base potential for years to come.

After developing this land to its fullest, the Town can decide how to best utilize this added tax base. Note: Historically, 70% of this new tax base would go towards our schools.


Not only will there be more jobs available to Carver residents, there will also be a likely positive economic positive ripple effect of any employees of this business on those businesses currently in town. The availability (and possible preference) of these new jobs will directly benefit those in town and the town's individual tax base income as well.


- Carver Fire Chief - "aaaaaaaaaaaa"

- Town Planner - "bbbbbbbbbbbb"

- Dick Ward - "cccccccccccccc"

- Cornelious - "dddddddddddddddd"


In our continued effort to help you learn everything about the North Carver Project, here are some more information links:

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