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It has taken many years to get to this stage of development for the North Carver Project. During that time, there have been numerous meetings, decisions, rulings, and votes.

All the documentation related to these items is a matter of public record. This page provides an easy way to find any records pertaining to the processes involved in preparing

for the North Carver Project.


Here are the Documents Involved throughout the process of the North Carver Project Development.

On the right are links to documents pertaining to the North Carver Project. New documents will be posted as soon as they are available.


Montello Exit Detour Plan

Montello Street/

58 Plan

North Carver

URP Plan Final


North Carver Development

EIR Plan

URP MEPA Documents

Primarily Relocation Plan Revised

CRA Outline

Draft ENF Submitted to CRDA as email

Montello Street Construction Plans

FXM Technical Memorandum

Carver Next Steps 11/15/2015

Carver Objections Draft

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