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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions



1.    What properties will be impacted by the zoning amendments?  


Summary – The North Carver Project is located in the northwest corner of Carver, behind the Silo Marketplace (Aubuchon Hardware.) 


Details - The North Carver Project comprises approximately 14 former parcels totaling 301 acres located in the northwest corner of Carver. The site is bounded by the Town of Plympton on the north, the Town of Middleborough on the west, Rt. 44 to the south, and Rt. 58 and Montello St. to the east. The designated “brownfield” site includes the “Whitworth Property,” as well as properties that have historically been used for sand and gravel operations, a former town dump, a stump dump, a septage dump, concrete manufacturing, and other uses.  


2.    What public meetings, hearings or reviews have already happened? 


Summary - There have been many public meetings and hearings regarding this project involving the Planning Board, the Redevelopment Authority, Conservation Commission and others– and they continue to this day. 

Details - There has been an extensive public dialogue concerning this problematic area since initial work on the 2001 Master Plan* over 20 years ago. The CRA began an ongoing series of meetings focusing on this issue in 2015 which included public hearings, joint meetings with the Selectmen, extensive public input and votes approving the redevelopment plan by both the Selectmen and the CRA. It is very important to remember that the passage of these zoning and other amendments does not mean a project is a done deal.  Approval of the amendments will simply allow the developer to propose a project to the Town for review and multiple approvals. Before any project can become a reality, there will be even more extensive public meetings, reviews and hearings as the project must go through a rigorous federal, state and local review process. 

*The Town’s 2001 Master Plan, “the Town identified the Route 44 Corridor as one of seven priority areas for economic development.  The Plan indicated that the area along Route 44 is a viable site for warehouse wholesale distribution because of its convenient access to the regional highway network.  The Master Plan recommended that the Town establish and adopt an economic development strategy for the Route 44 Corridor targeting commercial properties in the area.”

3.     What does the project consist of?

Summary – Two distribution warehouses and associated parking areas.

Details - Two buildings, one at 1.2 million square feet and a second one at 600,000 square feet. A water tower is also proposed to provide water to the facility for fire suppression and for the benefit of the North Carver Water District public infrastructure that serves the Town.   A MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act) study determined that the 301 acre site is suitable for 1.8 million square feet of enclosed space, based on many factors including space, environment, traffic, and infrastructure. This proposal (and any other) must be designed to make the most use of the allowable space. The water tower will most likely be town-owned and will draw water from the North Carver Water District. It will provide water not only for the new facility but will tie into the current North Carver water lines and provide improved water pressure and added reliability for Carver customers. 


4. Was eminent domain used to acquire the property?

Summary - No. Eminent domain was not used to acquire any properties

associated with this project.

Details - All parcels that are currently part of the North Carver Project were

purchased by the developer at fair market value or above. All previous owners

negotiated agreements that were honest, open, and just.

* These answers are provided by the Carver ReDevelopment Authority as of 1/18/22

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