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Montello Street realignment photo - 01_20_22.jpg

As part of the North Carver Project redevelopment plan, the current Montello street intersection is being moved north approximately 500 feet. This will allow for more direct access to the project site and will create a safer traffic pattern for existing and future conditions at the Aubuchon/Dunkin’Donuts/Nouria intersection.”

The Montello Street Realignment is being funded by a $3.2 million MassWorks grant, which was augmented by an additional $800,000 dollar investment by the current project site property owner. The MassWorks grant was given to the Town of Carver based on the MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act) study that determined a project of this size and description is allowable under Massachusetts law and will need supporting infrastructure improvements.

The new intersection will include a set of traffic lights at the new entrance to Montello Street, and a dedicated left-turn lane on the northbound side of Route 58. Work on this part of the project has already begun, and is expected to be finished in the fall of 2022.

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