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By its nature, The North Carver Project will bring about some change in the Town of Carver. This page will bring you details of the project as it moves forward through the many phases of approval, both at the town and state level.




Here is what is known as of now:

The residents of Carver voted to create the Green Business Park Zoning District off Montello Street in 2010.
A MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act) study determined that the Green Business District can support 1.8 million square feet of commercial development, based on site acreage, proximity to Route 44, and centralized location in Plymouth County.

A developer is proposing a distribution warehousing center comprising two separate buildings, one of 1.2 million square feet and the other of 600,000 square feet.
Part of the proposal includes a municipal water tower which will provide water to both the project and the residents of North Carver who currently receive town water.

Construction of a new interchange with Montello Street has already begun, funded mostly by a MassWorks grant of $3.2 million based on the allowances identified in the MEPA study.

A Zoning Bylaw Change article for the Green Business Park will be voted on at the Carver Annual Town Meeting in April. The primary bylaw change requested is the increase in allowable height from the current 40’ to 65’. The other bylaw changes refer to parking lot light height, minimum road widths, rooftop solar capacity and accessory buildings (ex. the water tower).

The result of the vote will determine the developer’s plans moving forward which, in turn, will determine how and to whom the developer will be able to market the distribution center.

The 65’ maximum height change is being requested to allow for the most up-to-date automated warehousing retrieval systems, which will attract a higher grade of potential tenants. (The 65’ maximum height will include all rooftop mechanical equipment and solar arrays.)
Regardless of the Zoning Bylaw Change vote outcome, a project of this size will need to go through the Special Permit process with the Carver Planning Board, which will address items such as emergency services, traffic mitigation, financial benefits to the town, jobs, and others.

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