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NCP google map with property, town and site.jpg
North Carver Project

Project Location

The North Carver Project is located in the northwest corner of Carver, behind the Silo Marketplace (Aubuchon Hardware.) The 245-acre project site is located within the 301-acre Green Business Park Zone and is bounded by the Town of Plympton on the north, the Town of Middleborough on the west, Rt. 44 to the south, and Rt. 58 and Montello St. to the east.

This designated “brownfield” site has been identified by the Town as blighted and underutilized and has been designated by the Town as a preferred site for revitalization and economic development. The site includes a depleted sand and gravel operation and has historically been used as a stump dump, wood waste landfill, septage disposal area and a depository of debris removed from Boston’s “Big Dig” project.
A MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act) review determined that this Green Business Park site is suitable for 1.8 million square feet of enclosed space, based on many factors including area, environment, traffic, and infrastructure. This proposal (and any other) must be designed to make the most beneficial use of the allowable space to the Town.

The video below shows the current condition of the North Carver Project site.

NCP google map with property, town and site.jpg
From Toby Lane, Plympton.jpg
From Route 44 middle of project.jpg

Project Elevations

From Toby Lane, Plympton

From Route 44 Middle of Project

From Route 44 East Side, Middle of Project

From Heather's Path, Plympton

From Route 44 West Side of Project

From Old Shaws Plaza

From Route 44 Westbound on ramp

From Silo Marketplace

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